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 Queer Trans Parents Resources

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Queer Resources

Being a queer parent in Berlin can be wonderful, but it’s not always easy. Queer parents face huge structural challenges attempting to access resources and appropriate care in systems which were built intentionally to exclude them. Annie Kocher is certified with Doula Trainings International who comes from the U.S. and has been practicing for many years in Berlin, Germany. They are non binary and queer themselves, and wanted to build a page full of resources specifically for their queer community. It is particularly important to Annie to share free information about birth & lactation for transmasculine people, and nursing for transfeminine people. Too many trans parents are told they cannot nurse their babies due to ignorance and systemic exclusion. Queer and trans parents can nurse their babies! Trans men, non binary people, and gender non conforming people deserve quality care during birth, no matter their birthing choices! Please enjoy this page of resources and get in touch with any further needs or questions regarding queer parenting in Berlin. If I don’t have the answer you seek, I will try to refer you to someone who does. 


I also want to share the most exciting addition to my practice: providing gender transition doula care. This includes holding space, offering resources, and caring for trans, non binary and gender non conforming folks who are going through some kind of gender transition/ coming to terms with their gender. This could include HRT (hormonal replacement therapy with estrogen or testosterone), top or bottom surgery, or neither. Medical and non medical transition are both valid and deeply deserving of quality care and community support. Too many folks go through this alone. I am here to change that. I love you, queer Berlin!

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