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Gem Kocher, certified doula in Berlin, providing queer non binary gender transition care. pleasure activist, doula trainings in Berlin, Germany, English speaking doula trainings in Europe. Coaching, trauma healing sessions, therapy, couple's counseling in Berlin. Polyamorous family building.

Du bist hier, weil du bereit dafür bist, das gesamte Potenzial deiner Lust und Freude zu erleben. Du entscheidest dich aktiv dafür, deine Energie nicht mehr in Care-Arbeit zu investieren, nur weil du dich dich dazu verpflichtet fühlst oder es von dir erwartet wird. Du erkennst und entscheidest dich gegen Situationen und Umstände, die dich ausbrennen lassen oder die dazu beitragen, dass du keine Verbindung zu deinem Körper spürst. Du bist bereit dafür, dich gut zu fühlen. Und das nicht nur hin und wieder sondern jeden Tag.

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Experience massive breakthroughs and end decades-long patterns you didn't think could change.
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Tell me what you really want. Feel your intimate fantasies come true.
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Live your dream and register for an in-person doula training in Berlin 2024!
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Receive magical massage and bodywork perfectly designed to support your postpartum recovery.
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A baby sleeps on their parent's legs while their dog friend lays their head on the baby's head. (Gem Kocher birth and postpartum doula, formerly Annie Kocher)

We sincerely believe Gem is a natural-born healer; from the powerful, perfectly pinpointed massages and intuitive physical support they gave during our very long delivery to their kind, soulful, and empathetic approach to every conversation and situation, they played an invaluable, integral role in our child’s introduction to the world. 


As newcomers to Germany, we were thrilled to meet Gem. Not only did they walk us through the often complicated, intimidating process of having a baby in Berlin, but they also helped us find a wonderful midwife who complemented their own skills, capably talked through the variety of options for the delivery process, and helped us post-delivery with breastfeeding expertise.


Most importantly, though, Gem was an incredible source of encouragement and support. They were our advocate throughout this life-changing experience, and made us feel supported and empowered as a team in every decision we made. They are both highly knowledgeable—easily referencing the latest studies and various schools of thought—and a peaceful, reassuring presence. We can’t imagine our pregnancy or our baby boy’s birth without Gem. We can’t recommend them enough.



Happy new parent in bed with their sweet baby pumpkin. Annie is next to them in blue overalls and they all look comfortable and well. (keywords birth doula postpartum doula gender transition doula care queer LGBTQ berlin english german speaking deutsch geburtsbegleitung geburtsbegleiterin stillberatung wochenbett betreuung midwife hebamme germany deutschland geburt schwangerschaft pregnancy rainbow tender loving care gentle childbirth education womb massage breastfeeding chestfeeding bodyfeeding nursing lactation newborn placenta baby wearing yoga maternity spiritual ritual baby)
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