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Birth Doula Care


Doula-attended births have a 39% reduced risk of cesarean, 10% reduction in requests for pain medication, 31% reduction in parents reporting dissatisfaction with their birth experience, and are on-average 41 minutes shorter

Gem mentors doulas and leads an amazing team of educators as Lead Educator and Head of Curriculum Development at Doula Trainings International, a worldwide premiere doula training organizationGem is a birth care expert with experience deeply accompanying hundreds of reproductive journeys, including

  • home birth

  • LGBTQ+ parents and creatively structured families

  • birthing center (Geburtshaus) birth

  • trans* parents

  • birth in almost every hospital in Berlin

  • first time parents as well as second, third and fourth

  • water birth

  • induction birth 

  • VBAC & VBA2C   

  • planned cesarean birth       

  • multiples (twins and triplets)

  • perinatal loss

and families from all over the world, including Germany, the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Taiwan, Japan, China, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Croatia, Serbia, Ireland, England, Australia, Israel, Italy, France, Spain, Finland, Holland, Estonia and Iceland. 



Three prenatal consultations, involving 

  • Private, in-home childbirth education for you and partner(s)

  • Establishing an open plan

  • Physical preparation/ body work specifically designed to encourage optimal fetal positioning 


  • Unlimited phone and email support

  • 24/7 on-call availability from your 38th week of pregnancy

  • Additional on-call back up doula who can assist if needed for any reason

  • Continuous support throughout labor and birth (from the moment you need me until your baby and placenta are born, and you are ready for quiet time

  • Physical comfort measures

  • Emotional care

  • Patient advocacy

  • German translation 

  • Support for your partner(s) & help facilitating their role

  • A postpartum visit which includes lactation consultation

  • And a gift for you: my homemade organic Sitzbath herb blend

Hospital pandemic restrictions mean for some families I will provide a combination of in-person and virtual birth support! Happy to talk more in detail at our consultation.

Investment (including VAT): 2,960€

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Sprechen Du oder Dein:e Partner:in(nen) eine andere Sprache als Deutsch als Erstsprache? Bist Du auf der Suche nach einem qualifizierten, vorurteilsfreien und zweisprachigen Menschen, der Dich durch den Geburtsprozess begleitet? Ein:e Doula leistet Geburtsbegleitung auf Abruf, um Dich während der Wehen und der Geburt kontinuierlich zu betreuen, während medizinische Fachkräfte ein- und ausgehen. Dein:e Doula bleibt während der gesamten Zeit an Deiner Seite, unterstützt Dein körperliches Wohlbefinden und hilft dabei, dass Du und Dein:e Partner:in(nen) sich in dieser aufreibenden Zeit ruhig, sicher und geschützt fühlen können.

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