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Deep presence, deep pleasure, deep witnessing, deeply delicious.

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loving body

You've miscarried, gone through a major life event or loss, changed jobs, moved to a different country, had a baby or multiple, experienced birth trauma or had a surgery or gender transition, weight gain or loss, and you're finding yourself feeling disconnected from your genitals. You feel numb. Or you feel pain. You're peeing when you don't want to. The idea of s3x and intimacy feels far away. Sure, you give yourself an orgasm every now and then, but it feels rushed, furtive or lonely. 

Or maybe you've gone through a change and your s3x drive is through the roof. You're looking at everything through this new light of desire. You finally feel strong enough in yourself to know exactly what you want, and your partner is just not on this level with you. You'd love to be having s3x more, connecting more, exploring this newfound s3xuality, presence and drive, but you need someone to do it with. Apps are time consuming and you're not finding the folks you want going on random dates. 

Maybe you have an inkling you're queer but you've just never had a space to explore it.

Maybe you've never had an orgasm, and don't know where to begin reaching one. 

Maybe you've not had s3x you've enjoyed in your life, or haven't had s3x at all, and you have a nagging feeling that there must be more there.

You fantasize about meeting someone you click with, who listens, who touches you gently only after asking permission, or who can help explain and show you what consensual, fun, joyful, safe BDSM play is like. Maybe you just want someone to hold you and wipe your tears and listen as you make yourself come with your vibrator and release pent up emotions and grief that seem to be locked somewhere deep in your pelvic floor.

You don't want this to be a one time experience that leaves you wanting more and unsure how to continue. You want someone who will show up for you, form a secure caring bond with you, check in about how your pleasure practice is feeling.

You're a couple and you love each other, but it's just not clicking when you try to have s3x. Having kids changed things. You want to please each other but don't know how right now. Or you have a fantasy of involving a threesome but don't want to invite someone in with whom it could get emotionally messy. You want a professional.

You want a s3x worker.


But when you look at 3scort websites, you feel somehow alienated...

this is about more than just the s3x for you. This is about your entire healing journey and your ascent into abundance.

This is about your relationship.

This is about your relationship to your own pleasure.

Hi. I'm Gem. And I'm here to hold you. 







Over the last eight years, I've built a thriving doula practice and have intimately accompanied folks through deep states of pleasure, pain, growth, wounding and transformation. But in my work as a doula, I kept bumping up against this energetic wall where the scope of doula care ends but my talents and capacity to give keep going. Picture it: I'm massaging a parent one week postpartum. I press the heel of my palm into their sacrum and slowly move it up towards the base of their skull, gently coaxing and releasing their energy blockages as I rise. I feel goosebumps prickle on their shoulders. My fingers move to their scalp and I rub the roots of their hair, tracing their energy lines downward with the edges of my nails and ever so gently tugging their hair, chanting in my mind for them, it is safe to let go. They're moaning under their breath as milk gushes out of their chest from the oxytocin rush. 

They turn to me after with deep lakes in their eyes and tell me, that was the best massage I've had in my life. 


I know what we could have opened and I know we did not open it because the doula-client relationship very explicitly does not extend past a simple wellness massage. I know this is about their relaxation and pleasure on one specific level, and just that.


But in my off time, I ask myself, why can't it be about their pleasure on every level? In the bigger picture, why isn't it always about womxn, trans and non binary people's pleasure on every level? And I do not have a compelling answer to that question other than, that it is still taboo and forbidden to embrace this.








Another image: I'm massaging someone's sacrum and hips as their baby descends down through their pelvis. Amidst the extreme pressure and intensity, they're yelling, Gem, Gem, don't stop! Don't ever stop! Keep going! Gem!

And I keep myself fully detached from even the slightest hint of erotic participation in that moment to keep the integrity of our care relationship squeaky clean. Just a doula, I remind myself. Detached. Just present. Nothing more.

In that moment, if there were mutual consent and willingness to fully enter it, there is





safe non monogamous relating

the potential for several types of orgasm

release of inhibition/ ability to stretch into brand new edges

and power.

I am ready to openly invite folks into s3xual, sensual, erotic kinship with me and explore these edges in a consensual, mutual context.


Of course I am afraid in some ways to publicly offer this, but I also know that one of my highest missions on this earth is to break taboos (12th house gemini sun). And I know that what we are taught to fear often contains seeds of our greatest healing.

With me, you can book a pleasure session and coaching session back to back, embracing and caring for your body as you compassionately witness and evolve your mindset. 

You can entrust your s3xuality to someone you know has seen it all (doula) and has no fear whatsoever of bodily functions or massive, chaotic emotional releases.

You can be messy; you can be scared.

You can be unsure of what you want.

You can be ashamed. You can be numb. You can be hungry.

And you can know I can hold it with care, from a place of experience and true tenderness. 

Your body is welcome and perfect here. 
Your desire is welcome and perfect here.
Your struggle as a couple to find mutual pleasure is welcome here.


I can’t wait to meet you and hold your body/ies. With love. 

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giving in

Something in you is sparking as you read this. You know you could see a pelvic floor physiotherapist or bodyworker, (and you still might), but when you're lying awake at night fantasizing, your pxssy isn't telling you to find a clinical relationship with one way touch. Your pxssy is begging for s3x! Whatever s3x means to you! Your desire is not to lie on a table and be examined, not right now. Your desire is for mutuality, for reciprocity, for a shared experience of pleasure. You want to give or receive a spanking that makes you so hard/wet, you feel like you're going to burst.

You want someone to touch your nipples in a way that has nothing to do with food but everything to do with deliciousness.


You want your clit to be treated like a queen, adored and worshipped. And that might feel vulnerable or scary to want right now. And that's allowed. But there's a reason you wish for this.

Because activating your pleasure is a way to activate your soul.

It's a way to come into your power.

It's a way to acclimate to trust in yourself and others.


Pleasure can heal you.

You want this for a very, very good reason.

Trust your body and what it's asking for.


There is nothing wrong with wanting to have s3x and pleasure, even when you're in a relationship. Even—especially!—when you're a parent. 

The desexualizing of parents and parenthood is a miserable waste of perfectly good, abundant heaps of potential pleasure. 


You don't want another appointment or another opinion. You don't want a homeopath to give you a powder. You don't want a coaching program; you don't want a book. You want a freaking lover!


You want a s3xy, luxurious, sweet time, where you can wear your favorite jock strap or lingerie. You want to feel yourself come and be held while your partner wipes your tears and holds it all without judgement, with ease, in their own pleasure.

You want to be naked.

You want to touch soft skin and soft hair and be enveloped.

You want romance. 
You want fire. You want play.

You want to be held.   

I want this, but the price feels high....How can I justify paying for this when I have care commitments and bills and such....

There is NO GREATER INVESTMENT than choosing abundance and wellness for yourself and taking a strong stance in valuing pleasure. Welcoming this into your life is a huge step in the energy of placing your own needs first. (And the needs of your partnership.) When you do this, you open the door to abundance on so many levels. The dividends from the investment of valuing yourself, valuing what you truly desire, and receiving deliciousness cannot be counted.


We are taught to fear pleasure but what is really to fear is false pleasure (like gambling, using substances to numb or avoid, etc.)


When it is true and in integrity, pleasure magnifies pleasure.


It does not destory or degrade; it creates more of itself.

More about me....I am not just a doula and a coach 😛 I am a Goddxss to my submissives, who take great care of me and whom I take great care of in return. I love kinky play with all genders of people, though the majority of my s3xual experience has been with other trans and non binary people. Kink, BDSM, f3tish play and fantasy are what turn me on most and what I most love to explore with clients.  


I'm an avid pole dancer and I've always thought of pole dancing as a threesome between me, the pole and the floor.

I love to tease and tantalize with my body. Hypnotize. Entrance. 

Honestly, I was born for this. I've been doing this, just never integrated into my healing practice before. I actually remember the day I became a doula, I sat on the edge of my bed in my apartment in Brooklyn and thought to myself, this is great, because it's kind of like being a sex worker, but I can tell my family about it.

I'm no longer letting fear limit my potential for pleasure and abundance, or my contribution of what I know I'm meant to bring to the world. 

Are you?

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The investment for this delicious experience is

1.5 Hrs 450€
2 Hrs 600€

3 Hrs 800€
4 Hrs 1,000€

6 Hrs 1,400€

Overnight 12 Hours 2,400€

Overnight 15 Hours 3,000€
Send me an email at

Don't be shy; I welcome open communication with new clients! 


Do I have to identify as gay or queer to plan a date with you? 
Nope! Be yourself. Bein
g attracted to or experienced with one gender or another doesn’t mean we can’t have a beautiful time on our date. You know that intimacy you have with a best friend where you can pee in front of each other and be naked and take baths together and it’s no big deal? What if you could explore pleasure from that space? What if being free from the male gaze for a while took away your inhibitions and let you just be in a way that was super arousing and orgasmic and fucking fun? You’re allowed to explore your pleasure in a safe context with me!

Why would I book you instead of a male escort if I’m straight?
It depends on what you most need right now. There are phases in life where you may crave the company of men and phases where you might crave a break from male presence. Pregnancy, postpartum, menopause, life changes, grief, etc., all shift our hormonal blueprints…Have you noticed that at certain times of the month or certain times of life you can’t stand the smell of something (like your partner’s breath or sweat), while at other phases you love it? It’s natural for your desires for company and other bodies to shift and change depending on where you’re at. If this profile is sparking something for you, explore it! Having a few sessions with me could increase your confidence, help you accept your body, help you relax or embrace life differently…it could be JUST what you need.

What’s your experience with trans, inter and gender non conforming clients?
99% of my personal dating & sexual experience is with other trans and non binary folks. I love s3x with all body types and will respect the terms you use for your unique body, g3nitals, and gender expression. If you are feeling dysphoric at some point, I am a trauma-informed practitioner with years of experience assisting folks in regulating from stressed/ activated states and will do my best to hold you through it with grace. Gender, intimacy, and life are messy, so I can never guarantee harm won't happen. But I can guarantee my best effort and earnest intentions. I identify as non binary and it's a huge piece of my own s3xual identity, so hopefully we are starting from some common ground, exploring together. 🖤

Will my info and experience be kept confidential?
Entirely. I take your privacy seriously as a facet of your overall safety in my care.


Do you see couples?
Yes, I love facilitating folks’ pleasure together! 

What if we’re monogamous?
Example: Some monogamous friends of mine (a cis man and cis woman) asked me on a date because she and her partner were both each ot
her’s firsts, yet she identifies as queer. She and her partner wanted her to be able to explore her sexuality, but they had no interest in changing their monogamous status. We had a lovely time, and they reconnected afterwards to nest and process.

Will you come between us and our relationship?
I cannot control human emotions. What I can promise is, I am highly informed and experienced in consent, boundaries and professionalism, and will be focused on facilitating intima
cy, pleasure and safety between all three of us. My goal in seeing couples is for you two to come away feeling closer to yourselves, your needs and each other. That being said, a group session is only ideal for people comfortable communicating boundaries, jealousies, desires and attachment needs. If you are not certain of your ability to communicate needs and boundaries, write me an email first and let's check in.

Do you offer thr33somes?

Happy to check if an 3scort friend is available if you want to explore group play.

What if I'm scared?

Permission to book a session nervous! Permission to book a session not knowing what you want! Permission to book a session not sure if it's going to be your thing! Permission to book an intro call (below) and see if the vibe feels right and fully say no and not book if you're not feeling it! Permission to book a session feeling disconnected from your body or sensuality. Permission to book a call or session from whatever place of uncertainty or curiosity you're in!

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Okay, you’re still reading. You’re looking, your feeling, you’re lurking. You know this would actually be so great for you, but but but. You might be in a pattern where you’re used to not reaching for what you REALLY want, what could give you THE MOST pleasure. You feel like it’s not for you. But that’s bullshit.


It is bullshit that was handed to you and you don’t have to take that. It is your life, babe. It is your one precious, wild, abundant, nasty, goofy, gorgeous life, and you deserve to have pleasure in it. Massive amounts of pleasure. Heaps of it.


You belong to pleasure and it belongs to you. Don’t cut yourself off from it.


Let this session be the open door to the rest of your life, reclaiming your time, reclaiming your energy, proclaiming your shine. This is for you, buttercup. Don’t be shy. Reach out and say hi to yourself, your sensuality—it’s where an ENORMOUS amount of your power in this lifetime resides.

And it is SAFE to be in your power. it is only going to lead to good things for other people.

If you're curious but not sure, start with an intro call to catch the vibe and talk about what you want. 

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