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Note there are only three spots remaining and they are going fast. We are almost fully booked. If you are interested in this training, book a short connection call with me below.


If this is our first time connecting, I'm Gem, a certified full spectrum doula practicing since nine years in Berlin. I'm originally from the US but moved here shortly after university and have accompanied hundreds of international families in their  birth, postpartum, fertility and loss journeys. This training is my time to pass down all of my knowledge and wisdom from a decade of loving families through transformation in Berlin, to bring up the next generation of doulas. I'm a queer non binary practitioner, which informs everything I do. I've even accompanied trans & non binary clients as a gender transition doula.  


Who are you? You are someone who believes people have a right to INFORMED CONSENT and emotional care in the reproductive space.


You care about the severe health disparities and increased maternal and infant mortality rates for people of color giving birth. You want to make a difference with your work, and be a part of the change you wish to see in the world.  

Friends may often seek you out for advice or space holding when they're in times of great change. 

Maybe you're already a professional caregiver--a chiropractor, masseuse, teacher, nanny/ babysitter, or social worker.


Maybe you've always had a fascination with birth and the postpartum time, or maybe you only realized it was a passion for you by going through it yourself. 

What matters is, you have something to contribute, and you're curious to learn more. 


If you are planning to practice in Berlin or Europe, I highly recommend this in-person training because it will connect you to a group of local doulas who you will lean on, learn from, and work with as backup throughout your doula practice. It's a chance to cultivate community, which is your single greatest resource as a doula.

As I plan to be in Brazil in 2025, this training is a one time opportunity for you to take advantage of. The top things I'm most excited to give you include:

  • Learn from my nine years of experience working full time as a doula in Berlin--mistakes as well as wins

  • Referrals for care providers & Berlin specific resources

  • Hands-on instruction in sacral rubs, hip squeezes and other comfort measures

  • Strong emphasis on building a financially secure, sustainable business

  • Practical expert advice on self care practices as a care worker to avoid and heal from burnout/ compassion fatigue

  • Inclusive, reproductive justice oriented lens in which the wisdom and presence of people of color, disabled folks, and queer families are honored & celebrated

  • Four days in person followed by a year of self guided study and field work with ongoing mentorship from DTI's entire team of educators

  • Access to Mighty Networks, an online space filled with hundreds of other doulas in training to continue to build community with

  • The opportunity to certify for your lifetime, with no need to re-certify, ever.

The investment for this training is 1,775€

You can easily make that back plus more in your field work accompanying your first few families for certification.

Plus, we offer payment plans as low as $183 per month when you book on the US site.


I am happy to explain all that and more, plus give you a discount code just for meeting with me, if you hop on a quick call with me below:

Live Your Dream And Become A Doula

July 18-21 at SIA Berlin

"Studies have shown that having a doula decreases the overall cesarean rate by 50%, length of labor by 25%, use of oxytocin by 40% and requests for an epidural by 60%." -American Pregnancy Association

The sheer impact you can make in this work, during times that truly matter to people--moments when families are being formed. Moments when patterns are set, and can also be's staggering. It's beautiful. It's edgy. It's hardcore af. But it's also the softest, simplest, tenderest, sweetest and most easful thing you may ever do. 

Being a doula is all about simply showing up.

Show up for yourself by booking the short call with me above. I know you have reservations--worries about time, money, childcare, etc. That's all normal. 

Just like your clients will have worries going into their fertility, birth and postpartum journeys. The fear phase is only one layer to a hugely rewarding journey unfolding.


Take the next step and book the call--it's no obligation. And we'll go from there. Can't wait to meet you and hold space for your passion!

And for those who want to learn more about me, your mentor, here's my short doula bio and CV : )

Gem has served as Lead Educator and Head of Curriculum Development at Doula Trainings International, a worldwide premiere doula training organization. They currently train doulas with DTI's incredible team of educators. Gem is a birth and newborn care expert with experience deeply accompanying hundreds of reproductive journeys, including

  • home birth

  • LGBTQ+ parents and creatively structured families

  • birthing center (Geburtshaus) birth

  • trans & non binary parents

  • birth in almost every hospital in Berlin

  • first time parents as well as second, third and fourth

  • water birth

  • induction birth 

  • VBAC & VBA2C   

  • planned cesarean birth       

  • multiples (twins and triplets)

  • perinatal loss

  • transmasculine & transfeminine lactation 

  • healing birth trauma

with families from all over the world, including Germany, the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Taiwan, Japan, China, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Croatia, Serbia, Ireland, England, Australia, Israel, Italy, France, Spain, Finland, Holland, Estonia and Iceland. 

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Are you becoming a parent or growing your family in Berlin? Do you or your partner(s) speak a language other than German? Are you looking for a knowledgeable, bilingual, nonjudgemental companion to see you through this transition? A doula is a companion who provides care during reproductive events like abortion, loss, pregnancy, birth and the postpartum time. Your doula stays right by your side throughout it all, providing physical comfort, while helping you and your partner feel calm, safe, and secure.

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