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Postpartum Doula Car

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Gem is a newborn parent and infant care expert with nine years of experience caring for hundreds of families throughout their transition into parenthood (and second and third+ time parenthood.) Gem is an experienced lactation consultant as well as a skilled masseuse, providing recovery bodywork specifically designed for the postpartum period. They have served as Lead Educator and Head of Curriculum Development at Doula Trainings International, a worldwide premiere doula training organization, where they currently train new and experienced doulas.



  • Full body hot oil massage

  • Rebozo releases for the lower back, head and neck

  • Chest opening "lion paws" massage to reverse tension from holding baby

  • Incredible scalp and head massage

  • Heavenly sacral rubs and hip squeezes

  • Optional womb massage (from 6 weeks post birth)

  • Can include baby massage (and how-to instruction)

  • Safe space for processing birth, body and relationship stories​

  • Confidential conversation

  • Tips for thriving in newborn life

  • Gentle adjustments for the postpartum body


75 minute session at Gem's space in Neukölln — 120€ (incl. VAT)


75 minute session in your home — 150€ (incl. VAT)



How can I have a 90 minute massage when my baby feeds all the time?

Feel free to nurse baby and have them near you during massage if you wish. It's completely normal for me to have baby in and out during the session. When possible, it's good to have a co-parent or extra set of hands around so you can hand them baby when you want to focus on relaxation. If you're a single parent, no worries, we'll make it work.

How soon or how long after the birth can I book this massage?

You could book it anywhere from one day after birth to years after birth if you wish. The optimal time for this kind of bodywork is between 1-12 weeks postpartum, as that's when your body is most open to these kinds of supportive adjustments. However, this kind of witnessing through touch always has healing benefits, even decades after birth.

Can I book this massage after an abortion, miscarriage, or stillbirth?

Absolutely! No matter what type of pregnancy or loss journey you've had, your body still goes through a postpartum phase and it is absolutely the optimal time to receive loving, healing, transformative bodywork and care.

Do you offer a sliding scale?

I offer up to 20% for parents of color, disabled parents, trans and queer parents!

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I can't tell you how often parents tell me, "I spent so much time preparing for the birth. I wish I had spent at least as much time preparing for breastfeeding and postpartum; that turned out to be when I needed the most help!"



New parents need specialized, caring support in order to heal, safely process their birth, nurse, and regain vibrant physical and psychological health in their new family formation. Treat yourself to expert, compassionate care after your birth. The benefits will last you and your family a lifetime.

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