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Gender Transition Doula

ender Transition Doula


I am thrilled to share the most exciting addition to my practice: providing gender transition doula care! This includes holding space, offering resources, and caring for trans, non binary and gender non conforming folks who are going through some kind of gender transition/ coming to terms with their gender. This could include HRT (hormonal replacement therapy with estrogen or testosterone), top or bottom surgery, or neither. Medical and non medical transition are both valid and deeply deserving of quality care and community support. Too many folks go through this alone. I am here to change that. I love you, trans Berlin!

This is a grassroots care model which is high-touch and highly personalized. It’s important to me to make the care accessible to as many folks as possible, which is why I’m making space for 2-3 trans folks per year to access this care from me on a sliding scale basis, meaning for low to no cost depending on people’s budgets. People of color will be prioritized for this access. I am on the autism spectrum and have to make sure to cover my energy and costs to keep this work sustainable, which is why I can’t offer all of this work at no or low cost. I dream of one day accessing funding through a donor or network to be able to provide this care completely cost-free to trans clients.

For now, let me take care of you as you transition. If you aren’t sure of your goals yet, that’s okay. If you want to know more about various procedures, I’m happy to share. I’m a beginner as much as anyone else in this, so if I don’t have the answer you need, I will refer out or research until I find it. Let’s do this together, babe. You are not alone!

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Six flexible 90-120 minute sessions over a nine month period, geared towards an HRT journey, top or bottom surgery, both, or neither. Sessions can include

  • Confidential conversation about gender, dysphoria, intimacy, sex, pleasure and healing

  • Confidential space for sharing non-linear body stories, fears and celebration 

  • Accompaniment to haircut or online shopping

  • Post-operative care including cooking big-batch warm meals for you at home

  • Rituals if desired

  • Accompaniment (pandemic restriction-dependent) to appointments such as HRT & endocrinologist, hair removal, etc.

  • Follow-up processing


  • Referrals for vetted gender medicine doctors, therapist, barber/hairstylist

  • Unlimited phone and email support

  • Showing you photos with permission of top & bottom surgery “afters”

  • Help anticipating & organizing needs, like need for an elevator after bottom surgery 

  • Making phone calls in your behalf to insurance & care providers to help you avoid being misgendered

I’m grateful to be able to provide this care at low or no cost to 2 trans* folks per year; please inquire about availability. Priority will be given to trans* POC. 


Investment: 749€

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