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Decolonizing The Pregnant Body




4 Weeks

About the Course

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Have you ever been in a yoga or workout class and been told to "lock" your pelvic floor, or "bring your navel to your spine?" If the pelvic floor is in some ways a doorway which must open to allow a baby through, exclusively practicing "locking" that door over and over leaves out a lot in terms of pelvic floor health, especially for pregnant people.

Dominant narratives around pelvic floor health are created by and for men and have little to do with actual physiology of people with uteruses. For generations, what we've been taught—and not taught—about the birthing body has been through the filter of patriarchy, white supremacy and colonization.

There is much to unlearn and more to learn, and it's exciting, because we're doing it together. I have spent the larger part of a decade obsessively researching and, most importantly, deeply accompanying pregnancy and birth. This course is where I will share with you the most important tips, tools, tricks and wisdom practices I've learned on how to prepare for birth in a physiological way.

This pre-recorded course allows you to learn at your own pace. It includes:
- (Weeks 1-3) Four hours of educational material
- Weekly embodied assignments
- (Week 4) An easy to follow half hour of body liberation support practice

Your Instructor

Gem Rainbow

Gem Rainbow, CD (they/them) is a non-binary full spectrum doula based in Berlin, Germany. They currently serve as Lead Educator and Head of Curriculum Development for Doula Trainings International. Birth work called Gem shortly after graduating from Brown University in 2014, and they’ve since accompanied hundreds of families through their pregnancy, birth, postpartum, loss, and gender transition journeys. Gem’s mission as a doula is to create meaningful change in people’s lives through inclusion, information liberation, and grassroots care work. They are on Earth to hold space for a more radical, more just, more healed world to be born. Gem is fluent in English & German.

Gem Rainbow
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