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Childbirth Education


$111 solo parents

$222 couples


3 Weeks

About the Course

English queer and solo parent inclusive childbirth education through the lenses of decolonized, feminist* physiology, evidence and wisdom traditions! This is a virtual offering exclusively in January 2023. Participants will have access to members-only Rainbow Doula content, including a list of what to bring to the hospital when you give birth, what necessities to have on-hand for your baby/ies, information on safe co-sleeping, trusted referrals, and more!

You will learn:

  1. Birth and lactation physiology

  2. What is evidence based care and how does one access it in hospital and out-of-hospital settings?

  3. Solid self advocacy strategies (with role playing)

  4. What to do and not to do in early labor, active labor, transition and pushing

  5. Frameworks to discover your unique birth needs & preferences

  6. Essentials of postpartum sleep and newborn feeding

  7. How to get a "deep latch" and establish an abundant milk supply

  8. Community care models for this life transition and practical ways to implement them

  9. Trans & non binary considerations in birth and bodyfeeding

  10. How to discern when an impulse comes from your intuition and deep knowing versus fear to birth and parent with self compassion, understanding and grace

The course will take place:

  • 4:30-6:30pm CET on Tuesday January 17th, 24th and 31st, 2023

  • With a bonus "Ask Me Anything" hour with Gem 4:30-5:30pm CET on Feb. 7th for remaining questions!

  • Our sessions will be on Zoom, but we'll use breakout rooms & make sure families who wish to stay in touch and share contacts with others have that possibility so community is felt in our virtual space


1. I am not queer--is this course for me?

Yes, absolutely! The vast majority of the families I work with are straight and cis. This course will give you everything you need, just with the added bonus of being inclusive for all kinds of families.

2. I'm in Germany. Does my insurance cover this course?

German insurance covers a childbirth education course, but you'll have to contact your individual provider to make sure you can submit this invoice for reimbursement. Example

3. My hospital offers childbirth education and I was thinking of taking it there. Why would I go for this instead?

At a hospital childbirth education course, you will NOT be taught self advocacy techniques because that would subvert the hospital power structure! What you get with me is an unbiased third party perspective from someone who has accompanied hundreds of families intimately and continuously as they've navigated medical care systems. I know what it's like to be on the other side and I teach from that place--from YOUR interest alone.

4. I plan to use epidural. Is childbirth education valuable to me if I want pain meds ASAP in labor?

Ab. So. Lutely. Do NOT skip out on quality childbirth education, regardless of your plan regarding pain medication. We will talk about when the ideal time in labor is to use epidural, the process of getting one administered and what to expect, how epidural use changes the pushing phase, and how to make the most of movement for a safe and smooth birthing experience with epidural. Quality childbirth education is for EVERYONE and can make any birth experience better, pain meds or no.

5. I want more individualized support. How can I get one on one time with Gem?

Easy! Follow this link to book private sessions, to dive deeper into trauma healing, unwind the roots of your personal fears, needs, ancestral stories, and dreams of birth. I would love to meet you personally to unravel the magic in your personal process and hold space for your liberation. Private sessions are wonderful for folks who have experienced birth trauma, folks navigating drastic shifts in their core beings as a result of their parenting journey, folks who have found an incredible new passion and power in themselves who want support activating it and bringing it to the world...anyone is welcome!

Your Instructor

Gem Kocher

Gem Kocher

Gem Kocher, CD (they/them) is a non-binary full spectrum doula based in Berlin, Germany. They currently serve as Lead Educator and Head of Curriculum Development for Doula Trainings International. Birth work called Gem shortly after graduating from Brown University in 2014, and they’ve since accompanied hundreds of families through their pregnancy, birth, postpartum, loss, and gender transition journeys. Gem’s mission as a doula is to create meaningful change in people’s lives through inclusion, information liberation, and grassroots care work. They are on Earth to hold space for a more radical, more just, more healed world to be born. Gem is fluent in English & German.

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