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Virtual consulting to help your organization evolve in line with its core values.

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“Having Gem in our life was a game changer.”
Ina & Karl

Gender Inclusivity For Organizations

Being a leader of an organization in today's climate is not always easy. Many leaders experience pressure in conflicting directions: some (often younger) colleagues may bring attention to a need for growth in areas like gender inclusion, while other (often senior) members may express concern around retaining traditional values and culture. It is possible to welcome gender divergent members with love and care while remaining in integrity with your community! The keys to intentional growth are access to information and open-hearted communication. This is the space Rainbow Doula Consulting creates. 

Gender Inclusivity

In sessions with your organization, we can address:


  • Gender 101: What does it mean to be cis, trans, non binary or gender non conforming? 

  • Brief history of the gender binary and how it operates today

  • Pronoun awareness and usage

  • How to make amends when mistakes and harm occur

  • What growth edges is this opportunity offering? How can increasing gender inclusivity benefit your community?

  • What "unfinished business" may exist within membership that effects folks' ability to effect change?

  • Safety measures for trans and non binary children and adults

  • Addressing harm which may have happened already on either the personal or collective level 

We will

  • Approach these topics in a way that fits your special organization

  • Keep in mind your core values and intentions

  • Commune with nature as appropriate 

Conflict can turn to healing when we liberate information and examine inherited bias. Let’s get curious together and work to make your organization a sanctuary for those who need it.

How It Works

Rainbow Doula Consulting is led by Gem Kocher (they/them). Your experienced consultant will be available for all your relevant organizational, management and communication-related needs during a six month period to help you roll out updates with grace. Your easy-to-reach consultant will be your go-to guide every step of the way.

How It Works

Standard consulting package includes:​​

  • Four 2 hour large group sessions for learning, reflection, and orientation

  • Professional conflict mediation for members in-session

  • A judgment-free space to be witnessed

  • Help figuring out what changes you are called to make at this time 

  • Organizational support for your application & hiring processes, to-do list and long-term goals

  • Putting systems in place which are sustainable and benefit your organization for years to come

  • Authoring or editing responses, statements, announcements, etc. related to updated systems and decisions

  • Two one-hour follow up sessions with selected leadership for ongoing support integrating changes, troubleshooting challenges, etc.

  • Resources, recommendations and referrals

  • Phone and email accompaniment as needed during the six month period of availability from your consultant


The bottom line:

Discerning what changes can be made to make your organization safer is one half of the process. The other half is implementing the group consensus into how your organization is run and how it communicates with its members. Rainbow Doula Consulting will take care of all your needs throughout this beautiful process, always keeping your core values at the heart of the work. 

I am here to support you in sustainable growth which will benefit your organization for generations to come. 

$6,573 (including sales tax)

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