Postpartum Doula Car

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  • Breastfeeding, Chestfeeding, or alternative feeding support

  • Cooking nutritious meals for the whole family

  • Postpartum massage, including traditional womb massage

  • Help with bathing and newborn care

  • Baby massage and how-to instruction

  • Safe space for processing birth, body and relationship stories​

  • Confidential conversation

  • Tips for thriving in newborn life

  • Guided visualisations and meditation

  • Gentle adjustments for the postpartum body

  • Daytime care, in 3 hr. sessions

  • Overnight care, from 9pm until 7am the following morning


​To leave you and your partner(s) after each session feeling more peaceful, well rested, nourished, and informed. 

​One hour of commuting time is compensated per session. Care hours are to be used in the three months following birth or date of booking. Postpartum care packages and their rates including VAT are as follows:

40 care hours (44/hr) — 1,760€

60 care hours (44/hr)  — 2,640€

90 care hours (44/ hr) — 3,960€

Annie gives a massage to their client with oil while their client lies, hair fanned out, on an aqua blanket.

I can't tell you how often parents tell me, "I spent so much time preparing for the birth. I wish I had spent at least as much time preparing for breastfeeding and postpartum; that turned out to be when I needed the most help!"



New parents need specialized, caring support in order to heal, safely process their birth, nurse, and regain vibrant physical and psychological health in their new family formation. Treat yourself to expert, compassionate care after your birth. The benefits will last you and your family a lifetime.