Doula Testimonials

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Annie is born to be a doula. She is caring, compassionate, extremely knowledgeable and bring such peaceful, calm energy. I am so grateful to have had Annie by my side while giving birth to my second child. 

I know for sure that the natural birth of my second child went so smoothly because of the amazing support I received from Annie. She was able to give me emotional support throughout the experience, excellent guidance (she encouraged me to follow my instincts), plus she exercised effective communication skills and also gave me magical massages throughout labor and during painful contractions. She really is very talented. 

If you are in any doubt at all as to whether you need a doula or would like a doula by your side during labor then go for it, if it's an option for you. I highly recommend that you contact Annie. The benefits that my husband and I experienced from having her there are endless. 

I felt so healthy emotionally and physically immediately after the birth and to this day (four weeks later), and this is because of Annie's support and how her involvement enabled me to avoid complications and allowed me to enjoy the experience. It's fantastic for me to be able to spend these early weeks with my newborn without any stress. I feel relaxed and energised. Thank you, Annie!


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Having Annie's help at night during the first three weeks of my baby's life was a life saver. I didn't initially think I needed night help but Annie suggested it. The absolute best nights were when she was here.

She helped me to establish a good latch when breastfeeding and rubbed my sore feet and back during the endless hours of feeding a newborn. She also held the baby for countless hours so I could rest knowing someone was keeping a close eye on him.